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Construction & Energy Equipment
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 9:00 AM
3081 Medina Rd., Ravenswood, WV
I-77 - Exit 154, Medina Rd.
Accepting Quality Consignments Now!

2001 GMC 3500HD, 114,134 odom, GM 8.1L gas, 5 spd, 10' steel dump, AC (A9446)

2000 STERLING, 135,891 odom, Cat 3126 dsl, 7 spd, 12,000# F/A, 20,000# single R/A, single frame, new 10' bed (A9448)

1988 FREIGHTLINER, Cat 3406E dsl w/Jake, 8 spd lo, T/A, single frame, new Galion 14' steel dump bed (A9447)

1994 FORD AEROMAX L-9000, 82,846 odom, Cummins N-14 350 hp dsl, 10 spd, tandem R/A, Ox Body 12 yd steel dump bed (G9692)

2009 DODGE RAM 2500, 4 WD, 5.7L gas, auto, AC, cruise (D9690)

2007 DODGE RAM 2500, 4 WD, 5.7L gas, 6 spd, AC, cruise (D9689)

2006 FORD F250, 4 WD, Ford 5.4L gas, 6 spd, toolboxes, AC, cruise (D9688)

2003 FORD F250, 151,000 odom, 4 WD, ext cab, 5.4L gas, auto, 142" WB, toolboxes, AC (G9694)

2002 FORD F350, 4 WD, Ford 7.3L dsl, 5 spd, flatbed, toolboxes, welder (D9691)

2006 CHEV 2500 HD, 127,241 odom, 4 WD, 4 door, 6.0L gas, auto (G9695)

2003 TOYOTA TACOMA SR5, 166,546 odom, 4 WD, ext cab, Toyota 3400 gas, auto, AC, AM/FM, P/L, P/ W, cruise, CD (H9305)

1995 FORD F350 XL, 100,658 odom, 4 WD, gas, auto, 137" WB, Reading utility bed (G9696)

1989 MACK, 134,654 odom, 6 cyl dsl, 10 spd, single R/A, Baker bed, AC (M9704)

1983 GMC 6000 box, 111,798 odom, V8 gas, 4 spd, single R/A, 16'+/- box (G9697)

1996 GMC VANDURA 3500, 210,547 odom, GM gas, auto, AC, AM/FM, shelves (J9698)

2012 WESTERN STAR W4900B, 418,965 odom, Detroit DD15 560 hp dsl w/Jake, Eaton 8 spd, 12,500# F/A, 40,000# tandem R/A, air suspenson, AC, P/L, P/W, AM/ FM, CD, heated mirror, air seats, sleeper, alum wheels, fuel tanks & fenders (C9444)

2011 IHC PRO STAR EAGLE, 432,179 odom, IHC A410 410 hp w/Jake, Eaton Fuller 10 spd, 12,350# F/A, 40,000# R/A, air bag suspension, AC, P/L, P/W, AM/FM, CD, cruise, sleeper, alum tanks & rims (C9449)

1999 MACK RD800 GK, 146,315 odom, 2002 Pedigree/ Mach 350 dsl w/Jake, 6 spd lo hole, T/A walking suspension, 22' bed w/RTB & gin poles (A9445)

1986 FORD 9000, 350 hp dsl, 13 spd, tandem R/A (G9693)

1990 MACK R686, Mack 350 dsl w/Jake, 9 spd w/ auxiliary, 44,000# (T200) tandem R/A, Tulsa 64 winch w/ headache rack, 1/2 RTB (D9686)

1985 MACK R686, Mack 300 dsl w/Jake, 6 spd lo hole, 444,000# (T200) tandem R/A, Tulsa 64 winch w/headache rack, full RTB (D9685)

1978 MACK R686, Mack 300 dsl w/Jake, 6 spd lo hole, 44,000# (T200) tandem R/A, Tulsa 64 winch w/headache rack, 1/2 RTB (D9687)

1982 IHC PAYSTAR 5000, Cummins 350 dsl w/Jake, 5& 4 spd, 65,000# tandem R/A, Braden 70,000# winch, 23'+/- steel flat bed w/full RTB (D9701)

1980 MACK DM800, Mack 300 dsl w/Jake, 6 spd lo hole, 45,000# R/A, Tulsa 64 winch, 28'+/- steel & wood flat bed w/full RTB (D9702)

(2) additional MACK winch

CAT D25 articulated rock, 17,962 odom, Cat 6 cyl dsl, auto (A9377)

Nexus Drilling has discontinued daily operations and have commissioned Jon Sims Auctioneering to sell their last remaining complete drilling rig. This rig will be sold piecemeal. Per owner, this rig is complete and in working condition, ready to drill.

1976 IDECO H-35, SN 8VA332844, Detroit 8V-71 dsl, Allison 6 spd, double drums, 1'’ line, 96' 212,000# derrick, 55' 3-1/2'’ Kelly hose, Foster cat heads, rig lighting, weight indicator, hydromatic brake, 25 KW 3 phase generator (D1249)

IDECO 110 TON shorty block & hook (D1101)

Set of bails (D1102)

IDECO 9' substructure w/beam, matting boards & Ideco 17-1/2'’ rotary table (D1103)

BOP, Slips, Elevators, Subs, Air Hammers, etc.

40'+/- Doghouse, SN WV89241, w/4500 gal fuel tank, geolograph (D9610)

JOY WB-12 6 x 6 air booster, Cat 3406 dsl, 32' skid w/two compartment soap tank (D1250)

(2) GARDNER DENVER 950 CFM air compressors, Cat 3406 dsl, w/32' skid (D1251& D1252)

34' Center tub w/cat walk & V door (D1104)

(2) Pipe tubs (D1105 & D1106)

(18) 5-1/2'’ x 2-1/4'’ Drill collars, 31’L w/3-1/2'’ IF conns. (D1107-D1124)

5,500' of 3-1/2'’ IF drill pipe (185+/- joints) (D1127)

40' x 3-1/2' Square kelly (D1125)

OILWELL PC100 swivel (D1126)

(2) 7-1/2'’ OD x 3'’ ID drill collars, H-90 conns.

(20) 5-1/2'’ OD x 2-1/4'’ ID drill collars, slip recessed, XH conns.

(15) 5-1/2'’ OD x 2-1/4'’ ID drill collars, slip recessed, 3-1/2" IF conns.

(12) 4-3/4/’’ OD x 2-1/4'’ ID drill collars

(3) 25 KW generators, Detroit 353 dsls (D1184- D1186)

TROY-BILT 5,000 watt generator (F1207)

PORTER CABLE 5,250 watt generator w/cord reel (F1208)

(4) ESAB V650CVCC welders, SN MH-1534065, ele, three phase, 230/575 volts w/ESAB Mig 35 wire feed (H1059, H1062-H1064)

ESAB 653CVCC welder, SN MF-1945019, ele, three phase, 230/460 volts, w/ESAB Mig 35 wire feed (H1060)

ESAB HELIARC 352 AC/DC welder, SN TJJ007008, ele, single phase, 230/460 volts, w/ BERNARD COOLER 353500SS (H1061)

L-TEC 650 welder, SN F92A-32552, ele, three phase, 230/460 volts, w/ESAB Mig 35 wire feed (H1057)

DRY ROD 16C welding rod oven, Type 300, 100- 550 temp range (H1058)

(20) 50# boxes of LINCOLN E7024 1/4'’ welding rods

(24) 20# boxes of ALCOTEC ER4043 1/16'’ alum welding wire

DETROIT 8V-71 dsl, SN 8FV004558, rebuilt by Western Branch

DETROIT 8V-71 dsl, rebuilt by Western Branch

DETROIT 6V53N dsl, rebuilt by Republic Diesel

DETROIT 6V53 dsl, rebuilt by Republic Diesel

CAT 3406 dsl, rebuilt by Worldwide Equipment

PERKINS 5787/2400 dsl, SN 267862J, rebuilt

PERKINS 1768/2200 dsl, SN U844131C, rebuilt

PERKINS dsl, rebuilt

PERKINS 2107/2600 dsl, 46.9 hp

STONE SR2500 1-1/4 ton double drum roller, SN 3521126, Honda gas (A9378)

2009 JD 750 J, SN T0750JX170968, 3200 hr mtr, JD dsl, EROPS, 6-way blade, Carco H-90 winch, fair leads, engine enclosures, AC (D8141)

2002 CAT D5MXL, SN D5MA6GN02659, dsl, EROPS, 6- way blade, Carco 50 BPS winch

1985 CAT D6D, SN 4X9864, Cat 3306 dsl, powershift, ROPS, twin hyd tilt, ‘’C’’ frame, Cat 60 winch, sweeps (D9379)

1984 CAT D6D, SN 4X9478, Cat 3306 dsl, powershift, ROPS, twin hyd tilt, ‘’C’’ frame, Cat 60 winch, sweeps (D9380)

1977 CAT D6D, SN 4X00990, Cat 3306 dsl, powershift, ROPS, twin hyd tilt, ‘’C’’ frame, Carco 50 winch, sweeps (D9381)

CAT D6D, SN 4X06136 (P9383)

CAT D6 new parts (lift jacks, cutting edges)

CASE/DAVIS 20 x 4 trencher, SN 1118677, 294 hr mtr (A9376)

SKY TRAK 8042 telescopic forklift, SN T055G57611220, 7902 hr mtr, Cummins 3.9L dsl, 8,000# cap, (G1227)

NISSAN PF02-A25 5000# forklift, SN 276339, 2885 hr mtr, Nissan 4 cyl gas, Shuttle, ROPS, 2 stage mast (H8164)

(2) MIDWESTERN side booms fit JD 350 & 450

VERMEER BC1230A 12" chipper, dsl (G9384)

1984 FINN B50 mulcher, SN 34-1109, Wisconsin 4cyl gas, (G1229)

FINN MSD-28 mulcher, SN 2007, JD dsl, pintle hitch, conveyor chute, wheel mtd, DW (A8184)

2014 XL SPECIALIZED TRAILERS XL70MFG manual detach, 87,300#, 51' OAL, 21' flat deck, tri-axle, alum rims (C9609)

2014 SHOP MADE drop deck, tri-axle, 40' & 12' deck, w/RTB (A9607)

2003 CARGO MATE OM6125A enclosed taga- long, S/A, rear & side doors, lights, AC

2003 WESCO tag-a-long, S/A, rear ramp

1985 ROGERS tag-a-long, 15 ton (K9625)

2011 REITNOUER MAX MISER alum flat, 90,000#, 48' OAL, spread T/A, alum wheels

1991 GREAT DANE flat, 45' OAL, sliding T/ A, ratchet straps (A9606)

1988 GREAT DANE CPS248 flat, 48' OAL, sliding T/A, ratchet straps (A9605)

1988 ROGERS lowboy, 25 ton, 16'+/- deck, dove tail, loading ramps, T/A (G9620)

1981 EAGER BEAVER lowboy (D9615)

1994 TRAILMOBILE box, 48' OAL (F9619)

1986 PETRO float (F9618)

1981 MONON float, T/A, w/RTB (A9608)

(4) DICKERSON floats (D9611-D9614)

S/A pole, pintle hitch

1993 IR 185, 1889 hr mtr, John Deere dsl, wheel mtd

1989 ATLAS COPCO 175, 1924 hr mtr, Deutz dsl, wheel mtd

(2) GARDNER DENVER 950 CFM, Detroit 8V-92 dsls, skid mtd

(2) SULLAIR 750 CFM, Detroit 6V dsls, skid mtd

COMP AIR 550A, Reliance 10 hp ele, three phase, 230/460 volts

LEROI 550A 2 stage, SN 4017X10401

LEROI 550A 2 stage, SN 4017X10445

DEWALT gas air compressor, 125 PSI

19,700' +/- of 3-1/2'’ IF drill pipe (637+/-) joints

6,000' +/- of 4'’ drill pipe

2,451.80' +/- of 4-1/2'’ casing, Range 2, (74+/-) joints

5,800.50' +/- of 4-1/2'’ casing, Range 3, (136+/-) joints

Additional drill pipe to be consigned

1,000'+/- of 12" x .312 used line pipe

(5) 40'x 3-1/2'' Square kellys

(4) 2-3/8", 3-1/2" & 4-1/4" Kellys

(2) IDECO 17-1/2'’ rotary tables

(2) Rotary tables

(2) OILWELL PC100 & (1) PC-150 swivels

(2) Swivels

(3) BOP's

(3) Sets of tongs

(2) 60 BBL skid mtd vac tanks, Onan 20 hp gas, Masport pump

MARTIN DECKER weight indicator

250 BBL skid mtd frac tank

(2) 2-7/8" - 5-1/2" Pipe spinners, air & hyd powered

6' Hyd cyl for tongs (new)

(4) 12’x4’x2'’ Fiberglass mats

(3) 13’4'’ x 6’8'’ x 2’3'’ Rubber mats

37' Pipe tub (like new)

(2) Regulators

Large selection of drilling tools such as: Slips, elevators, clamps, tongs etc.

JOY WB-12, Detroit 8V-92 dsl, Myers triplex pump, soap tank

JOY WB12x7-5, Detroit 8V dsl

JOY WB12, Cat 3406 dsl, Myers triplex pump, soap tank

JOY WB12, Cat 3406 dsl (no cotta box), Myers triplex pump, soap tank

JOY WB12, Cat 3406 dsl (no cotta box), soap tank

(2) BERRY blowers

FAN SERVICES 1820 blower, Baldor 20 hp ele, three phase, 230/460 volts

2006 NEW YORK BLOWER blower, Baldor 7.5 hp ele, three phase, 230/460 volts, 1260 CFM

DAYTON 15,000 BTU heater

BUDDY PRO 175,000 BTU heater

Set of ROCKWELL tandem 4.89 rear ends w/ frame

(2) Fuel tanks

Alum headache rack & alum pickup rack

(2) 3 pt hitch brooms

(2) 385/65R 22.5 tires w/alum rims

11' 1 ton flatbed & 1 ton utility bed

Headache rack for Tulsa winch

EARTHQUAKE post hole digger w/6'’ & 8'’ augers

DEWALT 1'’ hammer drill w/7/8'’ x 16'’ bit

TROY-BILT gas garden tiller

10 gal Sand blaster

6/12/24 volt Battery charger

PACIFIC HYDRO STAR pressure washer w/50' hose


BRUTE 20291 pressure washer, Briggs & Stratton gas, 2500 PSI, 2.0 GPM


BLACK HAWK hyd pipe bending machine w/ 2'’, 2-1/2'’ & 3'’ bending shoes

GREENLEE pipe bender

(2) RIDGID 535 pipe threaders,1/2 hp, ele, single phase, 115 volts, w/dies

RIDGID 300 ele 2'’ pipe threader

(3) SETS OF RIDGID 1'’ - 2'’ pipe threaders

(6) sets of dies for RIDGID pipe threader (new)

RIDGID 1/8'’ - 4'’ pipe vise

RIDGID 1/2'’ - 8'’ pipe vise

RIDGID 1/8'’ - 6'’ tri stand pipe vise

All bidders must register and provide proper identification. All items are sold “AS IS, WHERE IS” regardless of their faults and must be paid for IN FULL on sale day BY CASH, CASHIER’S CHECKS, company or personal checks and/or wire transfer if accompanied by a BANK GUARANTEE LETTER. (NO FOREIGN COLLECTIONS-No Bank Drafts accepted.) Make checks payable to Jon Sims Auctioneering Co., Inc. The letter format shown will be accepted as a bank Letter of Guarantee and must be presented at time of registration and remains the property of Jon Sims Auctioneering Co., Inc. Complete terms and conditions and checkout information available in the sale catalog. The terms of sale may not be amended except by written authority and consent of Jon Sims Auctioneering Co., Inc. The buyer is subject to any applicable Sales/Use Tax. If exempt, a certificate must be furnished at the time of registration or pay applicable taxes.

Weekdays, one week prior to the auction, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We only advertise what we have under contract. However, it would be to your advantage to check with our office before traveling a long distance to be sure a particular piece has arrived.

All items must be removed by June 28, 2017. Hours 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. No Saturday or Sunday check out.

Send your personal identification information (driver’s license number and state) with proper bank letter and buyer’s number will be assigned prior to sale. Jon Sims Auctioneering Co., Inc. reserves the right to refuse to assign buyer’s number. All bidding must be done by number.

We encourage inspection by your representative prior to placing a bid. You must provide registration information, a list of the desired items, the amount you wish to bid on each item, and a deposit by certified funds in the amount of twenty-five percent (25%) of your bid. Successful bidders must pay the balance in full by certified funds or wire transfer by 4:00 P.M. the following day. Deposits on unsuccessful bids will be returned to you.

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Wood County Airport Parkersburg, WV 304/464-4475

Yeager Airport Charleston, WV 304/344-8033

Everything sells “as is and where is“. The condition is expressed with no warranties implied. Announcements made the day of the sale take precedence over any and all advertisements and statements presently made. Any information given herein was obtained by personal inspection and is for advertising purposes only. Accuracies cannot be guaranteed.

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